Mobility Express of Georgia
Georgia’s leading supplier of scooters, power chairs, walkers, chair lifts, and manual wheelchairs for people with limited mobility.
Store Managers: Sue & Jerry Sharp
Hours of Operation
M-F 9am-5pm. Sat. 10am-2pm
Mobility Express of GA

Store Owner’s: Sue and Jerry Sharp
1580 Holcomb Bridge Road Suite 3
Roswell GA 30076
1 mile east of GA 400 next to Home Depot
Phone : 770 998 9984
Fax : 770 998 9994

Hours of operation : 9am – 6pm M-F Saturday 10am to 2pm
Largest Showroom in the Atlanta area, over 5,000 sq feet.

Store Features

  • Power Wheel Chairs /Scooters
  • Canes/Crutches/Walkers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Recliner Lift Chairs
  • Bathroom Safety Items
  • Stair Lifts
  • Ceiling lifts
  • Vehicle Lifts and Carriers
  • Ramps
  • Equipment Service
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Home Modification
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We are an Aging Society

Mobility Express of GA is proud to be a pace setter in the field mobility for all.
Located in Roswell, Georgia we have the largest showroom in the area. We have a professional team dedicated to the sales, service and rental of mobility equipment. Great pride is taken in caring for each of our customers.

We are an aging society. Mobility is an important factor that will improve the quality of life for the elderly. In the United States it is estimated that 30% of the population will be aged 65 and over by the year 2020. The increase in this population can be contributed to improved healthcare and a longer life span. The expected life was 46.6 and 49.1 years at the turn of the century. By the year 2020, it is projected that the life expectancy will be 75 years for females and 82 years for males. These statistics lead to questions such as “What will be the quality of life for the individuals that live to be 82 years or older?”As our elderly population grows so does the need to make sure they have a healthy and comfortable life style. Nothing is more depressing than to lose one's mobility and strengths to do jobs that were a breeze only a few years ago.

Innovation, and technology continue to improve the quality of life and increase mobility. This is including both our elderly and physically challenged population. Physical impairments can limit a person’s ability to participate in daily tasks and activities. Emotionally and psychologically it means a great deal to be independent and to be able to remain mobile. It is our goal at Mobility Express of GA to keep you both mobile and independent.

We have come a long way from an era when the cane was one of the only alternatives to assist with mobility for the elderly and physically challenged. Advances in technology and introductions of stair lifts, lift chairs, motor wheel chairs and a variety of other mobility products has resulted in vast improvement in the mobility of the aging population. As a result many are now able to enjoy a much better quality of life. Mobility is an important factor that will improve the quality of life for the elderly and physically impaired. We are proud to be able to offer stair lifts, lift chairs, manual and motorized wheel chairs, scooters and more.

Mobility Express can help to enhance a person’s ability to participate in the daily tasks and activities of a full life.

Sales, Service, Repair, Rental
Mobility Express Atlanta’s award winning customer service staff are here to provide you with top of the line service and support.