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How to buy the correct lift chair, for the best price with the best service..

If you are thinking of purchasing a lift chair to relieve you of the pains when getting in and out of a chair, please contact us at Mobility Express of GA to help you find the correct chair, for the best price, with the best service.

Mobility Express of GA is proud to sell both Pride and Golden lift chairs.

A lift chair is a chair that looks like a recliner but also assists in supporting you to stand up or sit down. If you have a bad back, arthritis, or any number of pain related mobility issues, you probably would benefit greatly from a lift chair. A lift chair can not only help you get out of your chair but it can also be a lot more comfortable than the normal recliner chairs. If you require help every time you have to sit or move from one place to another, this chair is a solution to your problem. The lift chair helps you to sit and stand without getting any help. The chair uses a simple button, which makes the back of the chair lift upward making it easier for you to stand. If you wish to sit in the chair, reverse the procedure. Stand by the chair and push the button. The back will automatically bend down, giving you a comfortable sitting posture.

Lift Chairs are available in all sizes, shapes, colors and textures. Making a sound decision is important as the chair is meant to be comfortable and suited to your specific needs.

One of the reps from Mobility Express of GA will explain the various features available, so you can choose which ones are important for you. The size of the chair is of great importance and should be in accordance to your weight and height. Just like shopping for a recliner or plush leather chair, you want to find something that fits you accordingly. The choice of material can also make a huge impact, from the material used to the texture you get.

Lift chairs can be of great help in giving you self confidence and reducing your need for help from others. The chair should suit not only your need and but also be sized for your specific comfort. The chair should be exactly what you want in color, style, and comfort. Most lift chairs blend right into your existing home decor so it is not easily identified as an “assistive device.” It can be easy to make a decision quickly, but instead take your own time to think and consider all the options available so you can buy the perfect chair.

Remember - buying a lift chair directly from Mobility Express of GA allows you the peace of mind that you have been evaluated for the best seat for both your size and your personal needs. The chair is delivered to your home with a full explanation of how to operate the chair and what to do in case of the loss of power. We stand behind our products and are available for service in the event you may need it.

Chair Lifts

Lifting Seat Solutions

Uplift Lifting CushionsWith six series and dozens of models to choose from, you will find the optimal combination of size, weight capacity, options and accessories. Rest assured, the chair that’s just right for you incorporates the finest materials and most advanced technology, is assembled with attention to every detail, and stands up to rigorous quality control. That’s what makes Golden Technologies the leader in our industry — and the choice of people across the world.

At Golden Technologies, we’re on a continual quest to break the boundaries of comfort, convenience, performance and durability. Every Golden lift and recline chair:

  • is hand crafted in our state-of-the-art facility in Pennsylvania.
  • is backed by the industry’s best warranty.
  • provides the smoothest, quietest and securest lifting system.

Day after day, year after year, Golden is your first class ticket to well-being.


If you qualify for Medicare Part B coverage in the US, you may only need to pay 20% of the total purchase price for a lifting seat


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