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Mobility Express of GA
Rental Program for Medical Equipment
Scooters/ Wheelchairs/ Electric Wheelchairs/ Hospital Beds/ Knee Walkers

We rent all types of medical equipment to fit your everyday needs. Choose from many kinds of wheelchairs, including transport wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, scooters, and more.
Many times people get injured and temporarily need a scooter, hospital bed or a wheelchair. Instead of going to the expense of purchasing, think about renting. At Mobility Express of GA, we carry a full supply of medical rental equipment to suit your specific needs.
By choosing Mobility Express of GA, you will be renting medical equipment that is properly maintained and in good working order. We can also deliver the items to you which saves you time. We understand that when you have a medical need, you don't want to spend thousands of dollars for a hospital bed that might only be used for a week. You will not always need a scooter, knee walker or a wheelchair so why not rent one from us.

For all of your medical rental needs call us Mobility Express of GA at 770 998 9984 for more information or to place your order. Reservations are recommended.

Having an injury or illness is always a stressful time. Getting the proper medical equipment doesn't have to be. Let Mobility Express of GA help you with your rental needs. We offer delivery and pick up. We go over the proper use of the equipment and have a 24 hour emergency service call line.

Mobility Express Scooter Rentals

Mobility scooters are battery operated devices that run on an electric motor. They come in three or four different types.

These scooters are for people with mobility problems. Standard size scooters for an average size person rent for $40 a day, $120 a week and $300 for the month. We do have heavy duty scooters available upon request. All scooter rentals are key operated, delivered fully charged, and carry one (1) person. Each has a gauge to determine the battery's charge.

Operators must be 18 years or older.All scooters have a 2-consecutive day minimum.Scooters will run all day on a full charge and should be charged each night to ensure a full charge each morning

Mobility Express Wheelchair Rentals: (Manual-Push Type)

Standard size wheelchairs (18'' wide seat) with fixed arms and removable footrests rent for $20.00 the first day. We require a minimum of two days.

Also available are oversized wheelchairs with 20'' 22'' and 24'' wide seats. Each size up costs $10.00 more the first day (e.g. 20'' is $35.00 the first day). Elevating leg rests are available.

All manual wheelchairs are $10.00 each additional day.

Mobility Express Electric Wheelchair Rentals

Electric wheelchairs have a joystick and are most often needed by people who cannot walk at all and/or have use of only one hand. The joystick can be placed on either the right or the left-hand side. These are harder to use than the scooters and are rented only to those who use one at home but do not wish to bring their own.

They rent for $45.00 per day with a 3-consecutive day minimum.


Reservations are encouraged.
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770 998 9984

Disclaimer: Rental rates are subject to change without notice and do not include a 7% Georgia Sales Tax. Total rental amounts, including sales tax and delivery charges, will be displayed on the rental agreement. Rentals are available to qualified customers only. Minimum driver's age is 18 years old. Rentals are subject to credit approval and availability.


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