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Stair LIft FAQs

Q. What is a stairlift?
A. A powered chair for riding safely up/down stairs

Q. Can a stairlift be put on my stairs?
A. We won't know for sure until we come to evaluate your stairs. But generally, yes, a stairlift can be  adapted to almost all stair cases.

Q.  My stair case has a landing or curve in the middle. Can I still get a stairlift installed on my stairs?
A. Yes, curved stairlifts are available for your stairs.

Q.  Can I install a stairlift myself?
A.  We do not recommend self-installation of stairlifts. In some states, permits and licensing is required. Also, this is a piece of equipment to carry a person up stairs where proper installation is crucial to prevent injury. 

Q.  Are stairlifts expensive?
A.  Relative to the alternative costs of moving out of your home, or paying to heat/cool and provide electricity to a portion of your home you cannot use, restoring access to the rest of your home is cost effective.

Q.  Will the installation cause permanent damage to my home?
A.  No, stairlifts attach to the tread of the stairs with just a few screws.  The holes are usually easily covered or filled.

Stair Lifts

Stair Lift Solutions

Stairlifts can take the hassle out of moving up and down the stairs in your home. With professional installation available, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Stairlifts are custom fit to your home to ensure safe and reliable operation with great features like wireless remote control, safety sensors and a battery back-up system.

  • Allows you to safely go up and down your stairs
  • Professionally installed on any stairs in your home
  • Safety features include key lock, obstruction sensors and battery back-up

Stair Lifts




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