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Vehicle Lifts

Power Chair and Scooter Vehicle Lifts

The type of wheelchair or scooter you use and many other factors will influence your choice of vehicle lifts you need. Your Mobility Express representative will assist you in finding the best vehicle lift for your needs.

  • Outside Vehicle Lifts:  These lifts are probably most popular because of their lower cost and ease of use.  They consist of a platform type device that attaches into a trailer hitch on the rear of your vehicle.  The platform has a powered motor to pick up and carry the chair behind your car during travel.  These lifts allow you to load your mobility device with the touch of a button and no disassembly of your mobility device is required.  Covers are sold separately for protecting your scooter or power chair from the weather.
    Bruno Meridian ASL250 vehicle lift for wheelchair scooter
    Bruno ASL250 Outside Lift
    Harmar AL500 vehicle lift wheelchair scooter
    Harmar AL500 Outside Lift
    bruno Micro Mini 225 wheelchair scooter lift
    Bruno ASL225 Mini Micro Lift
    Harmar AL100 scooter vehicle lift wheelchair
    Harmar AL100 Scooter Lift
    Harmar AL560 Bruno Hold Tight wheelchair scooter lift
    Harmar AL560 Lift Hold Tite Bar
    harmar Freedom lift docking lift wheelchair
    Harmar AL500 Dock n Lock Lift
    motorhome wheelchair scooter lift camper RV
    Harmar AL300RV for RV Motorhome Lift

  • Inside Vehicle Lifts:  Commonly referred to as "boom lifts" or "cranes",  they are usually mounted in the right rear corner of the van or SUV or in the trunk of a sedan.  Some of these lifts have as many as three powered motor features to lift, swing in/out and extend the arm towards the curbside and away from your vehicle to prevent damage.  While these lifts can be placed into smaller areas and stowed inside and out of the weather, they almost always require some disassembly of your mobility device.
    Bruno Curbsider 6900 6000 wheelchair scooter lift
    Bruno Curbsider 6900 scooter wheelchair lift
    Harmar AL425 AL225 wheelchair scooter lift
    Harmar AL425 AL225 Inside Lifts

  • Hybrid Vehicle Lifts:  These lifts are most appropriate for vans and SUVs.  They consist of a platform that is raised and lowered by a powered motor.  The platform lowers to ground level where the mobility device is driven onto the platform.  Then, the platform is raised up and into the rear of the vehicle with the touch of a button.  The advantage to this type of lift is that you are able to carry your mobility device inside the vehicle out of the weather, and no disassembly of your mobility device is required.  The third or rear row of your SUV or mini-van is sacrificed for the location of the lift and your mobility device.
    Bruno Joey van vehicle lift wheelchair scooter
    Bruno Joey Van Lift for Wheelchair or Scooter
    Harmar AL600 van wheelchair scooter lift
    Harmar AL600 Rear Van Hybrid Wheelchair or Scooter Lift
    AL650 docking van lift wheelchair scooter
    Harmar AL650 Docking Hybrid Rear Van Lift
    Harmar AL690 side door entry van wheelchair scooter lift
    Harmar AL690 SIDE ENTRY van lift for wheelchair or scooter

  • Assistive Seat Base for Domestic Minivans

    Chair Topper

    The perfect companion: someone who's there when you need them the most. The BraunAbility Companion Seat is just that - it stands ready to assist you or a family member when extra help is needed boarding your domestic minivan.



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